Risks We Underwrite

Through our intimate knowledge of the markets we specialise in and our intrinsic understanding of our clients’ needs, we are able to offer an excellent value proposition for our clients.

Here are some of the risks we underwrite, but are not limited to:

Service Stations

Motor Dealerships

Fitment Centres

Wholesale Fuel Depots

Panel Beaters

Tyre Companies

Towing and Breakdown Companies

Car Hire Companies

Motorbike Dealerships

Motor Spares

Vehicle Testing Companies


Vehicle Breakers

Car Washes

Vehicle Movers

Engine Remanufacturers

Salvage Yards

Specialist Insurance Products

Our unique product offering includes cover for a number of risks that are specific to Fuel Retailers.


Forecourt negligence specifically covers all Forecourt related negligent acts by the petrol attendants. Risks covered includes:

  • Incorrect dispensing of fuel ie: petrol into a diesel vehicle and vice versa
  • Failure to properly close radiator, oil, and bonnet leading to damages.
  • Failure to remove petrol pump from dispensed vehicle leading to damages


A Fuel Retailer’s Guarantee is the perfect solution for Fuel Retailers who need to provide a guarantee that is secured by an Insurer. Simply put, the Retailer would be able to invest capital in their business with the peace of mind of being covered, instead of collateral, cash or assets being tied up at the bank.


Service Stations by their very nature are attractive to criminal syndicates because of their cash-intensive nature. It is for this reason that risk management measures are adhered to without compromise to avoid loss of lives and protect assets.
Our money cover automatically include cash in transit cover from the premises until the bank or cash counting centers provided professional cash carriers are employed in the movement of cash.


The Petrosure Product covers 5 unnamed individuals under the Money Section.

We will pay the Retailer in the event of injury consequent upon robbery or hold up or any attempt thereat in the course of their business and such injury directly and independently of any other cause results within 12 months.


Whether you operate a dealer-owned or fuel retail owned site, because of the expensive and costly nature of environmental issues caused leakage of fuel oil or other chemicals, legislation was passed to ensure that every business had cover environmental liability cover. This usually is costly and can get into millions. Without cover a business can be sued and be liquidated.


Additional cover comes in the form of automatic as well as optional extensions.

Below are some of the bespoke automatic extensions available on our product offering.

  • Fuel leakage

  • Contamination of fuel

  • Subsidence and landslip

  • Shade netting

  • Blinds, signage and canopies

  • Vehicles on premises

  • Chilled refrigerated stock extension

  • Impact damage by vehicles

  • Post trauma counselling

  • Medical expenses

  • Damage to gardens landscaping and playground